the essence of Indonesia

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a journey through time; to the 'ring of fire' where dreams are made ad paradise is not lost, it's just waiting to be discovered.

Diversity is the spice of life and nowhere is this more true than in Indonesia. A vast and beautifully diverse country dotted more than five thousands kilometers of tropical oceans across the equator, truly ... Indonesia it the world largest archipelago and home for more than two hundred million people.
It is a land of sharp contrasts; with towering ice capped mountains standing guard over steaming jungles and glaciers giving way to idyllic palm-fringed beaches in Irian Jaya; carefully manicured terraced hills and monumental expressions of faith, from the highly sophisticated court societies of Java and Bali, or ancient megalithic culture in Nias, Sulawesi and Sumatra. The choices are enormous!
Unity in diversity, Indonesia's motto that was formulated brilliantly by our ancestor, is still a slogan. It is still need an intensive and comprehensive re-approach to the all level of the society, considering nation character crisis happened after 1998 (starting year of the nation transformation era) that tend to weaken the nation foundation called Youth Pledge had been declared since October 28, 28. (
Widely diverse cultures and extraordinary peoples have been brought together in one nation with one national language, Bahasa Indonesia. It was no mean feat ! For comparison, imagine an effort to unite Europe : from Britain int the west to Moscow in the east without the added complication of having people and cultures scattered over more than seventeen thousand islands!